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Brooke Hyland Dance Moms Pictures

Brooke Hyland 2012 Dance Competition Season

Energy National Dance Detroit Compeititon Pictures

Dance Moms group dance

Dance Moms group dance part 2

Awards Ceremony 

Awards Ceremony Part 2

Dance Moms Version of ALDC Glam

Energy National Dance Chicago Compeititon Pictures

Dance Moms version of Glam

Dance Educators of America Pictures


Garden of Eden


Bad Apples

Born to Dance



Where Have All the Children Gone

Season 2 of Dance Moms Pictures

Co Dance Chicago Pictures

Dance Moms group dance Trapped 

Brooke Hyland 2011 Dance Competition Season

Brooke Hyland acro solos

Break Me

Pull of the Moon

Pull of the Moon 2


Brooke Hyland acro duets


Birds 2

Brooke Hyland Group Dances

House of Love

House of Love 2

House of Love 3

Brooke Hyland 2010 Dance Competition Season

Brooke Hyland Duet with Brandon Pent

My Eyes Adored You

Brooke Hyland Group Dances

Boogie Woogie Bugle

5 Guys Named Moe

Colors of Love





Bird’s Eye View

Dancer Probz


  1. brooke krammer

    guess what? my name is brooke.her name is brooke.her middle ame is middle name is marie.i love her dancing also. i wish i could meet her in real life some day.

  2. Rebecca

    What really!!!

  3. Rebecca

    Brooke pictures r so pretty…..i <3 your pics

  4. harley

    Broke is so talented!

  5. Chelly

    I love Brooke! she is an awesome dancer and is really pretty.

    1. Rebecca

      I agree with u :-P

      1. marissa41

        You are right! :D

  6. monica

    i love brooke being in the show because she works really hard.

  7. Lily Shelton

    Hey me and my friend tori love Brooke!!!!!(:

  8. BIG J

    She is the best she did good at the competition

  9. emily

    i hope Brooke doesn’t leave shes my favorite

    1. harley

      I agree Brooke is my favorite!

  10. Erin

    Heyy. I’m an acrobatic as well. I learn everything from Brooke Hyland

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